New Basketball IPOs On Populus

May 27, 2023

Starting on June 1st, we will be removing all soccer players from Populus. We understand that this may come as a disappointment to some of our users, but we believe that this change is necessary to create a better user experience.

The main reason for removing soccer players from Populus is due to the fact that we don't currently have access to the live games and stats API for each soccer player. Which causes our pricing model to become completely dependent on supply and demand.  And due to our smaller user base this has resulted in inaccurate prices.  We understand that this has caused confusion for new users, as it can be difficult to link a player's price with their performance. However this change gives us the ability to focus on creating the best fantasy experience with basketball, and once we accomplish that soccer will be back on Populus. Each soccer player on your team will be liquidated according to their closing price on May 31st.

However, we also have some good news to share. We will be adding the rest of the NBA to Populus, which we believe will provide a more accurate and enjoyable experience for our users. We remain committed to providing a high-quality experience for our users, and we believe that this change will help us achieve that goal.