A Stock Market for Your Favorite Athletes

Invest in shares of professional basketball players and profit off of their success

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How it works


Receive virtual currency

As soon as you sign up for an account, you'll receive $200 in tokens. Using this virtual currency, you'll gain full access to the Populus trading market


Search for
a player

With a collection of over 40 players, you can search for any player imaginable, including role players and stars. You can even add them to a watchlist



Using your virtual currency, purchase shares of whatever player you want. Place market orders, limit orders, or stop orders whenever you want


Compete with
your friends

By checking out the leader board and using our messaging platform, you can compete with your friends to see who's portfolio has the highest ROI

Our testimonials

" The app lets you trade nba player's 'stocks' with fake money. It is completely free which makes it fun and the leaderboard shows you global stats and you can even compete with your friends to see who can make the most money! "
" This concept of a sports stock market is awesome. I can invest into any player I believe in without having to bet my own money. It's really fun to be following the trading movements every day and I've gotten some of my friends into it too! "

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